Village Services

Health and Safety

The new Dr. F.H. Wigmore Regional Hospital which opened in 2015, offers major acute care facilities in the region. It offers comprehensive general health care services and provides specialist care in medical, pediatrics and maternity, mental health, emergency patient, ambulatory care, portable CT Scanner, and most orthopedic and general surgeries. Services include laboratory, diagnostic imaging, physiotherapy, cardiac rehabilitation, and diabetic counselling and the province’s only Hyperbaric Chamber.

The City of Moose Jaw Is the location of the fourth largest Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) detachment in Saskatchewan. The detachment services the majority of communities within the Moose Jaw REDA service area.

The RCMP enforces federal laws, provides contract policing to many cities, towns, villages, municipalities, and First Nations’ communities province wide. The RCMP participates in peacekeeping efforts and supplies world-leading expertise in areas like forensics and criminal intelligence to regional and international police services.

The Moose Jaw Fire Department is a professional, ‘Career’ Fire Fighting Department represented by two fire stations. The Moose Jaw Fire Department has a service agreement with the Village of Tuxford.


    Garbage pick up is every Monday with Recycling every 2nd Wednesday.



    Good quality drinking water is the foundation for a healthy community.  You can be assured that your drinking water is safe and reliable.  The Village has three Certified Water Operators.

    Utility billing cycles are January–March, April–June, July-September and October–December

    Minimum charge for water is $267.35 every 3 months and will cover usage up to 7500 gallons.  Thereafter, the additional charge is $28.35 per 1000 gallons.

    Bulk water rates are $30.45 per 1000 gallons.  A key fob can be purchased from the office for $50.  Please call the office for account set up.

    The Village now offers a fob system at the bulk water fill station.  Come to the office to set up an account and purchase a fob.


    The Village of Tuxford has a Recreation committee.  This committee looks after events within the Village such as Village Breakfasts at the Hall and children’s events and parties.

    The Village Hall is available for rent.  Hall rental forms can be found below.

    Heritage Park boasts a basketball court, which doubles as a pickleball court, disc golf, swings and climbing apparatus for the kids.  Plenty of room to have a friendly football game.

    Heritage Park will also be rejuvenated to include a community garden, a pollinator garden and more trees planted around the perimeter.  A project that will be on going and will take a few years to fully complete.

    Tuxford Hall